Established as a private, non-profit educational institution in 1983, the Stratford Chefs School is Canada’s foremost culinary school, setting the standard for a distinctly Canadian cuisine.


The intensive two-year program has produced some of Canada’s finest chefs and producers, including chefs Carl Heinrich and Ryan Donovan of Richmond Station, Dan Donovan and Kristin Nedzelski-Donovan  of Hooked Inc., Cory Vitiello of the Harbord Room, Geoff O’Connor of Nota Bene and Rocco Agostino of Pizzeria Libretto, cheesemaker Ruth Klahsen of Monforte Dairy, wine-maker Heidi Noble of  JoieFarm, baker Jan Campbell-Luxton of de la terre bakery, and jam maker Ann Marie Moss of Mossberry Farm – to mention but a few.


The School’s curriculum remains in step with the changing market, developments in the restaurant business and emerging innovations in cuisine. Every year the School hosts international guests chefs for a week at a time and chefs from across Canada, many of them alumni, to share their expertise with students.


Faculty, alumni, students and Stratford Chefs School patrons post to this blog, sharing their reflections on school experiences, developments in the culinary world and restaurant work here and abroad.

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